Thanks for installing Positive Nancy. Here is a quick guide how to use it.

Reading text in browser

Nancy browser extension can read out loud any text you highlight. Select text with mouse or keyboard, then right-click on the selected text. You will see an option read out loud. Click that option and the text you highlighted will be read out loud.


Reading typed text

Click Positive Nancy browser icon, near the address bar. This is the Positive Nancy “app launch button”.


Clicking the button launches Positive Nancy app. Inside the app, select speech tab. Here you can type any text you want to have read out loud. Enter text in the textarea at the bottom then press the “say” button.


Changing settings

You can customize various settings of Positive Nancy, such as the voice and speech rate.

You can get to the settings by:

  • clicking the cog-icon in the app navigation bar
  • right-clicking app launch button and selecting “Options”

Thanks again for installing Positive Nancy! Browse this website to learn more about Positive Nancy project.

Created: April 12, 2020
Last Modified: April 30, 2020
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