Tech Stack

Positive Nancy is a serverless progressive web application (PWA). It is built with free and open source tools. Here is a list of everything used to build it:


Positive Nancy web application is built with react; the programming language is JavaScript.

Web Speech APIs

SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition are the two main features used to work with voice.

IndexedDB & Dexie.js

IndexedDB is a client-side storage for persisting information on the client. User preferences and recent expressions are stored here. Dexie.js makes working with indexedDB significantly easier.


Positive Nancy interface and visual styling is written in JSS; the application switches between light and dark mode based on device setting.


Used to copy text to clipboard


Makes web application “pages” navigable by swiping on touchscreen devices


This documentation is built using Hexo, originally based on this theme but modified very heavily.

Netlify & Netlify CMS

Production version of Positive Nancy web application is served by Netlify. Netlify CMS is used for content editing.


Node.js is needed during the development and build of the application.


The application source code is hosted on Gitlab.

Created: March 28, 2020
Last Modified: April 30, 2020
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