Motivation: Why Was It Built?

Reason 1: Positivity

The back story of how the idea initially came about involves the following ingredients:

Makes 1 positive app:

  • 1 cup of lousy manager
  • 1 whole software developer
  • many subtle hints
  • 1 written warning

Put all of these together and mix, and out comes a response to this whole scenario: after being reprimanded over choice of words, I wanted to make a positive app that could speak for me and so Positive Nancy was born overnight. This is the reason why Nancy is loaded with positivity. BTW that lousy manager never got to see it but Nancy has definitely generated many laughs afterwards.

Reason 2: Webapp Voice Functionality Experimentation

Because Positive Nancy runs fully on device, and only utilized features of the specific device, the behavior varies quite drastically based on what device you might be running. The operating system and physical device affect the choice of available voices, the quality of the speech synthesis and recognition, and the general availability of features.

From an engineering perspective this makes a very interesting experiment and allows testing the available functionality across multiple devices and in real use. This will be very important as the prevalence of voice-driven apps grows in the future.

Created: March 28, 2020
Last Modified: April 11, 2020
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